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Cynosure, the leading experts in laser technology for over 35 years have designed the most clinically documented and proven system for permanently removing hair from anywhere on your body.

The Vectus Laser system is clinically proven to produce results as good as or better than single-procedure lasers with less discomfort. The high-powered Vectus supports the most-requested aesthetic treatments with Cynosure's many patented innovations.

Safety & Efficiency

Cynosure's Diode Laser hair removal technology delivers specific wavelengths, with large spot sizes, superior Contact Cooling™ and Smooth Pulse™ technology to provide comfortable treatments with excellent results for clients of all skin types, hair colors (except white hair) and hair thickness.  Cynosure's pioneering, patented technologies have been established as the most versatile, and effective hair removal system in the world.

Even the most advanced laser hair removal systems can provide unwanted results if not handled correctly.  Aesthetic Laser Center of Seattle has built its reputation on results since 2002 specializing in laser hair removal services.

How It Works...

Step 1. Uniform laser beam reduces hot spots for optimal treatment. 

Step 2. Advanced Contact Cooling™ throughout treatment enhances patient comfort.

Step 3.  Photon Recycling™ increases fluence 1.5-2x and helps maximize treatment results.

Step 4.  Skintel® Melanin Reader™ provides safe and effective treatment settings.

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